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Resources and Links

The following information has been compiled in response to questions asked by participants in the Sustainable Homes & Communities Program.

Workshop Presentations and Podcasts 2011

Check out copies of the presentations and podcasts from some of our fabulous speakers from the year! Refresh your memory - or share them with your friends!

General Sustainable Living Websites

The following websites have a range of suggestions for living more sustainably. See the links above for more websites in each category.

Choice Magazine
Independent reviews of products and services, including environmental considerations

Environment Victoria
Not-for-profit environmental organisation that researches and campaigns on many issues. Visit this site for an excellent and comprehensive Renter's Guide to Sustainability at Home

Green Renters
A blog for those who rent but still strive to lead an ecologically and environmentally sound existence.

Living Simply Forum
Become part of a community focused on sustainability, permaculture, organic gardening, backyard livestock, simple living and stepping lightly on the planet.

Make Your Home Green
Make Your Home Green has been developed to provide a single resource of information. This website brings together information and advice from a range of excellent sources and has been designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind.

Sustainability Victoria's one-stop resource site. Whether you're taking your first steps in sustainability or looking to shrink your impact even more, you'll find help here (including current rebates on offer)

Climate Change Factsheets

These factsheets have been produced by PIRC, an independent charity integrating research on climate change, energy & economics. The factsheets, covering different aspects of climate science, look at the evidence for climate change from a range of angles, such as global temperature trends and Arctic ice melt, and traces the fingerprint of climate change in various phenomena, from floods and heatwaves to wildfires and species extinctions. Each briefing contextualises the issue in question, summarises the background science, and addresses common objections raised by sceptics. Drawing on the latest peer-reviewed studies, they are intended to be a solid, reliable and concise guide for campaigners wishing to communicate climate science with accuracy and confidence.

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