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2015 Sustainability Workshops and Programs
Coming up in 2015 we have three more free hands-on sustainability workshops. We are proud to host 2013 Master Chef winner, Emma Dean in Preston in May for our Avoiding Food Waste workshop. Emma will show us ways to shop, store and cook food to help reduce the incredible amounts of edible food wasted in our community. And every guest will receive a taster of the delicious results of Emma’s genius.

As old man winter bears his teeth in late May and early June we will be running Home Energy Saving workshops in Banyule (in West Heidelberg) and then in Darebin.

Large amounts of energy are wasted in many Melbourne homes, particularly in winter, because basic remedies to avoid heat loss are not well understood. Energy waste has serious impacts on the environment, and serious impacts on household budgets. Our energy expert will work through the three main areas where our homes’ performance can be greatly improved: insulation, sealing up drafts and gaps, and reducing the warmth that is lost through windows.

All our events are free of charge, so click on the Workshops and Events tab to find out more and register your attendance.

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The Sustainable Homes and Communities Program recently hosted a workshop about avoiding food waste

With advice from Masterchef's 2013 finalist, Samira El-Khafir, participants learned how to shop, cook and store food in order to reduce food waste, and therefore reduce household food bills and impact on the environment. Check out the video of the workshop for some top tips on how you too might reduce food waste!

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